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brakebrake2 ●●○ verb [intransitive]  TTSTOP MOVINGto make a vehicle or bicycle go more slowly or stop by using its brakebrake sharply/hard (=brake quickly) He braked sharply to avoid the dog.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
brakeI saw a roadblock ahead, and braked.I couldn't pull over without forcing some one else to brake and I simply didn't have the power to get away.I endeavored to brake, but succeeded only in causing the most extreme and painful sensations under my fingernails.He braked for drugs, booze, and hookers, and wrote a good book about a bum existence.Clayt braked hard, pulled off and cut the engine.A bus came round the corner and braked sharply.She had to brake suddenly to avoid a dog in the road.brake sharply/hardA car had come fast behind them, a silver-grey car, and it had braked sharply.Doyle swerved, running the car on to the right hand verge, and braked hard.The chain-link fence swerved in, and this time I hit the brakes hard.The executive jet settled on its main wheels and braked sharply as the thrust-reverse and spoilers were deployed.The train was braking hard now, but Harry could not think fast enough.Clayt braked hard, pulled off and cut the engine.She had to brake hard to avoid a milk-float that loomed ahead of her suddenly.Di was just about to drop elder son Wills back at school when she braked sharply to avoid an oncoming motor.