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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpannierpan‧ni‧er /ˈpæniə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 TTCARRYone of a pair of baskets or bags that you carry one on each side of an animal or a bicyclesaddlebag2 TTCARRYa basket in which someone carries a load on their back
Examples from the Corpus
pannierAs they carried away a pannier of my blood, I felt almost as bad as I pretended to be.I shall never forget his expression when he saw me arriving on my bicycle with its empty pannier bags.Then she had brought her essays to be approved, now it was herself and her pannier of delicacies.On the return ride my pannier fell off but I didn't discover this until I reached Petone.A mule clattered past, its straw panniers thrust us against the adobe wall.I went right back to the top of the Wainui hill, but there was no trace of the pannier.She watched - helpless again - as Mrs Taxos loaded luggage in two panniers on one of the donkeys.