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returnreturn3 adjective [only before noun]  TTRETURNused or paid for a journey from one place to another and back againsingle syn round trip American English a return ticket a return fare
Examples from the Corpus
returnApart from noting the return addresses on the envelope, those who stayed didn't think much about the world outside.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer accepted a return ball from Dwight Yorke to complete the scoring in stoppage time.Watch for the classic Fruko y Sus Tesos on a return engagement in November.Mulholland would later tell the valley people that his objective was simply to divert their unused and return flows.Professor Sano writes back by return mail.The return movement begins in October, but substantial numbers are not often present before November.The return trip took about an hour less than the trip there.The sea was much calmer on the return voyage.