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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrollerroll‧er /ˈrəʊlə $ ˈroʊlər/ noun [countable]  1 paint_tray.jpg TIa piece of equipment consisting of a tube-shaped piece of wood, metal etc that rolls over and over, used for painting, crushing, making things smoother etc a paint roller a garden roller steamroller1(1)2 TT[usually plural] a tube-shaped piece of metal or wood, used for moving heavy things that have no wheels The boats are taken down to the sea on rollers.3 DCa small plastic or metal tube used for making hair curl syn curler4 HEOa long powerful wave great Atlantic rollers
Examples from the Corpus
rollerTogether they pulled back the high door, which despite its rustic appearance, ran smoothly on well-greased and balanced rollers.Booming rollers crashed on the beach.This powerful range of feelings, this emotional roller coaster, is normal.What: A short, mild roller coaster aimed at children.Relate to hypothetical activity of roller, grinder, sieves and mill, he wrote.A small steam roller with a vertical boiler between twin rollers was used in Penge and Anerley.I know people who like to lean over the edge of observation towers or ride the tallest roller coasters without holding on.When you buy stock in a company, you are volunteering to ride the roller coaster of risk and rewards.Once your rollers are in place, set with a light fixing spray for a long-lasting result that has shine without stickiness.