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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishround-tripˈround-trip1 noun [countable]  TTTRAVELa journey to a place and back again a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to New York30 mile/360 kilometre/2 hour etc round trip A coachload of supporters made the 700-mile round trip to South Devon.round-trip of It’s a round trip of 90 miles.
Examples from the Corpus
round-tripIt takes four round trips to qualify for a free ticket.Distributors would travel perhaps a 1,500-kilometre round trip to collect stocks of vehicle accessories.Duncan charged £5-a-head for the 200-mile round trip to the new brewery.He had made the round trip in a day.It had begun, five years ago, as Project Jupiterthe first manned round trip to the greatest of the planets.London flights are $ 418 a person round trip.NetSAAver fares are based on distance and usually range from $ 69 to $ 299 round trip, the airline says.The round trip of some twelve miles is one of the finest of mountain expeditions.The boatmen who brought trade goods up the Missouri as far as the Yellowstone made $ 220 for the round trip.made ... round tripHe had made the round trip in a day.