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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschedulesched‧ule1 /ˈʃedjuːl, ˈske- $ ˈskedʒʊl, -dʒəl/ ●●● S2 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 PLANa plan of what someone is going to do and when they are going to do iton schedule (=at the planned time) The majority of holiday flights depart and arrive on schedule.ahead of/behind schedule (=before or after the planned time) Meg’s new book is still well ahead of schedule. How can he fit everything into his busy schedule? I’m going to be working to a very tight schedule (=including a lot of things that must be done in a short time).2 American EnglishTT a list that shows the times that buses, trains etc leave or arrive at a particular place syn timetable British English3 LISTa formal list of something, for example prices a schedule of postal chargesTHESAURUSschedule a detailed plan of what someone is going to do and when they will do it, especially someone importantHe has a very busy schedule.The president’s schedule includes a two-day visit to St Petersburg.timetable British English, schedule American English a written list that shows the exact times when something will happen, for example when planes or buses leave, or when classes at school take placeThe timetable said there was another train at 6.15.According to the class schedule, English 104 is at 10 am in Royce Hall. programme British English, program American English a plan that shows the order of activities at a ceremony, sports meeting, public event etcWho is organizing the conference programme?the next event on the programagenda a list of the subjects that will be discussed at a meetingAttached is the agenda for the budget committee meeting.the final item on the agendatimeline a plan for when things will happen or how long you think something will take – used especially in business EnglishThe timeline for the project is less than six months from start to finish.What is the usual timeline from the sale of a house to the day you can move in?itinerary a plan or list of the places you will visit on a journey, usually with the date or time that you will be thereThe Travel Pack includes a detailed itinerary, maps, and a travel guide.Let me know your itinerary when you know it.
Examples from the Corpus
scheduleDo you have a schedule for the tour?Due to the bad weather, the building work was already behind schedule.I know, we're a week behind schedule already.She took time out of a busy schedule to talk to us.Starting with the daily schedule, we can see how deeply entrenched the factory model of schooling is in most secondary schools.Typically, managers focus on operating their area of assigned responsibility for efficiency, cost containment, and compliance with delivery schedules.Medicare pays for each test according to its schedule of fees.I make sure that I have a fairly light schedule in the summer when the kids are on vacation.For once, I managed to finish the book I was writing ahead of schedule.Tom arrived on schedule at twenty to eight.Yet, as we turned off the Buxton Road and into Ashford-in-the-Water, we found ourselves back on schedule and completely relaxed.The building should be completed on schedule.The flight was cancelled, and that really messed our schedule up.As mentioned earlier, pay, hours and grade are validated against the pay schedule entered on the previous screen.While the car is being repaired or serviced we ignore any limitations as to driving or use as shown in the policy schedule.Clients sign contracts to become participants and agree to adhere to a rigorous schedule.The President's schedule included a visit to a children's hospital.The President's schedule includes a two-day visit to St Petersburg.An examination of television schedules did not show an unending stream of violent programmes, Mr Glencross said.What's the schedule for today's meeting?According to the schedule, the first lecture begins at 9.00 am.It's important that everyone on the project keeps to the schedule.She has a pretty tight schedule, but she may be able to meet you for lunch.As for the time schedule, it is easy to underestimate the costs of complete data collection and the final report preparation.The director was given a budget of $10 million and so far the film seems to be going according to schedule.Various minor ailments can interfere with your training schedule.Do you have a work schedule for this week, Doreen?What's your schedule like on Wednesdays?tight scheduleThe scrutiny process as a tight schedule and is in four parts: investigation; action plan; implementation; implementation report.It was an alarmingly tight schedule.Construction only began in mid-October and recent heavy rains have hampered the already tight schedule.More than two-thirds were businessmen who travel on tight schedules and pay high fares.Renwick fell silent, too, calculating the tight schedule ahead.The animals, too, adhere to tight schedules.Visiting a school in Doncaster in December 1989, Charles was on another very tight schedule, again with BitC.Very tight schedule, ya know.