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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsecond classˌsecond ˈclass noun [uncountable]  1 TTa way of travelling on a ship or train that is cheaper and less comfortable than first class2 TCMa way of delivering letters etc in Britain that is cheaper and slower than first class3 TCMthe system in the US for delivering newspapers, magazines, advertisements etc through the post
Examples from the Corpus
second classOne corporation elected to be an S corporation at a time when it had a second class of stock.He was educated at Winchester and Trinity College, Oxford, where he obtained a second class in modern history in 1911.He changed into his civilian clothes a holiday in itself-and boarded a passenger liner to the Foundation, second class.One day I changed from second class to high class.It mattered less what the company clerks and rubber plantation foremen in second class might feel.Within this second class, there are two subtypes.He dropped to second class in the examinations of June 1788, and after that was unplaced.Competition is keen and candidates must offer a minimum of an upper second class honours degree together with evidence of satisfactory financial arrangements.