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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshipmentship‧ment /ˈʃɪpmənt/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  TTa load of goods sent by sea, road, or air, or the act of sending themshipment of a shipment of grainarms/oil/drug etc shipment an illegal arms shipment The goods are ready for shipment.
Examples from the Corpus
shipmentHe was preparing a similar excursion with a shipment of salt when the trouble started.Production and shipment has already begun, and the contracts extend through the first quarter of 1994.They, at least, had ensured that the cocaine shipment was safely on its way.Your order will be ready for shipment tomorrow.All three systems report purchase orders and / or shipments of hundreds of units that are not yet installed.The only conceivable opening for venality was in the private shipment of food supplies for profit.And last week the company said shipments from Quincy Farms had declined 5 percent because of the cut.At the moment supervision of these shipments in most countries stops at the national border.The new University of California campus and the Salk Institute were opening for business, with shipments of intellectuals arriving daily.shipment ofa large shipment of auto parts