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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshuttleshut‧tle1 /ˈʃʌtl/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TTSa space shuttle2 TTa plane, bus, or train that makes regular short journeys between two places He took the Washington–New York shuttle. A shuttle bus operates to and from the beach of San Benedetto. There’s a shuttle service from the city center to the airport.3 TICa pointed tool used in weaving, to pass a thread over and under the threads that form the cloth
Examples from the Corpus
shuttleIf I take the 6:30 shuttle, I'll be there in time for the meeting.Columbia blasted off Thursday on a planned 17-day flight, the longest ever for a shuttle.The cost of launching that ounce of gold into low-Earth orbit by shuttle would be about $ 830.Agents and ambassadors left on the down shuttle, frantically covering their tracks.The warp thread is wound round the pegs and two large and two small shuttles used for weaving the weft.A glorious bright turquoise liquid jersey pantsuit is the ultimate garb for travel by space shuttle.The deployer mechanism snagged on a safety bolt, and the satellite never made it more than 850 feet from the shuttle.The shuttle also will nudge the observatory gently into a slighter higher orbit to extend its lifetime.shuttle busPrivate vehicles are prohibited in the area, which is served by a shuttle bus.Parmenter took the Agency shuttle bus back to Langley.The hotel is air-conditioned and offers a complimentary shuttle bus to the nearby Equador beach.A courtesy shuttle bus runs to and from the Ally Pally.A daytime shuttle bus operates 6 days a week to the village.C., will deploy a fuel cell-driven shuttle bus using methanol as a fuel.Use the free shuttle bus to the show.