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shuttleshuttle2 verb  1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]TRAVEL to travel frequently between two places syn commuteshuttle between/back and forth Susan shuttles between Rotterdam and London for her job.2 [transitive]TT to move people from one place to another place that is fairly near syn transport The passengers were shuttled to the hotel by bus.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shuttleA piston destined to shuttle back and forth within a cylinder will be made on a lathe.Ross watched as it shuttled between them, going from hand to hand across thirty feet of air.During the week, I often shuttle easily to appointments in central London by car.All day students are shuttled from room to room for forty two-to fifty five-minute periods of unrelated subject matter.The goldfish shuttled to and fro, beneath the flat leaves, and there was an hour longer for them to sit there.Passengers were herded onto buses and shuttled to hotels downtown.shuttle between/back and forthBody bags were being zipped and trolleys shuttled back and forth.Now he had to devise a method by which workmen and supplies could shuttle back and forth across the gorge.We shuttle back and forth between the large department stores that anchor the mall.Pre-packed experiments will be shuttled back and forth from Earth and slotted into 13 research racks.Or does it merely shuttle back and forth like a ferry?Mrs Mandela has been shuttling back and forth with messages from her husband's prison home near Cape Town.A piston destined to shuttle back and forth within a cylinder will be made on a lathe.