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skidskid2 noun [countable]  1 sliding movementSLIDE a sudden sliding movement of a vehicle that you cannot control Turn the car towards the skid if you lose control of it. He slammed on the brakes and we went into a long skid (=started to skid).2 on the skids3 put the skids under something4 sport [usually singular] American English a period of time during which a person or team is not successful – used in news reports The Red Sox victory ended a six-game skid.5 aircraftTTA a flat narrow part that is under some aircraft such as helicopters, and is used in addition to wheels for landing6 used to lift/move [usually plural]TT a piece of wood that is put under a heavy object to lift or move it
Examples from the Corpus
skidTurn the steering wheel in the direction of, and not against, a skid.Marta says this is easy to clean and still meets all safety and skid resistance requirements.And at floor level the Revue sits on four skid feet.There was a flat impact twelve feet up, a squealing skid and a howl of pain.Turn your front wheels in the direction of the skid, the direction in which the rear wheels are sliding.I was light on the skids, the troops were out.He grabbed the brake, pulled, and the buggy went into a wild skid and turned over.For off-road use, it comes with skid plates underneath.went into ... skidThe driver of a third car also lost control and went into a skid.He grabbed the brake, pulled, and the buggy went into a wild skid and turned over.