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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstowagestow‧age /ˈstəʊɪdʒ $ ˈstoʊ-/ noun [countable]  TTKEEP/STOREspace available in a vehicle, especially a boat, for storing things
Examples from the Corpus
stowageThe removable zip bag stowage between the front seats has gone.Sleeping arrangements vary depending on the space taken up by equipment stowage.The aft compartment of the ascent stage was used for equipment stowage.Spacious for six adults, there are three cabins, each with excellent stowage.On deck, commitment to cruising continues - a vast centre cockpit offers comfort, security and generous stowage areas.The boot is decently sized, too, and internal stowage space is generous.Each of the crew also has two modest plastic trays for personal stowage.Aft of him was stowage space for a collapsible dinghy, maintenance platforms and a spare propeller!