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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtime machineˈtime maˌchine noun [countable]  TTPERIOD OF TIMEin stories, a machine in which people can travel backwards or forwards in time
Examples from the Corpus
time machineWalking through the exhibit space is like being transported by a time machine.I sometimes wish I had a time machine.She did not have to come at her grandparents, as I do, through a time machine.Find yourself a time machine and transport the club 152 back to another century.His shoulders were shaking, Bernice couldn't imagine the messages that might be passing between the Doctor and his time machine.It bears a remarkable resemblance to the kind of natural time machine postulated by Frank Tipler, of the University of Texas.Would the red weed affect the time machine?About this time machine knitting was becoming more popular and articles about how to make money from it were appearing.