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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtranscontinentaltrans‧con‧ti‧nen‧tal /ˌtrænzkɒntəˈnentl, ˌtræns- $ -kɑːn-/ adjective  SGTTcrossing a continent a transcontinental railway
Examples from the Corpus
transcontinentalThis was her third transcontinental flight in three years, and its differences from the others showed her transformation.By 1886, the first year after the completion of the transcontinental line, the figure was 1,665,960.The transcontinental pipeline that hit the news last year is only part of the project.The first transcontinental railroad, we were taught to believe, was a huge government success.a transcontinental railroadThe government had long since perceived that the way west depended on the transcontinental railroad.But transcontinental status always brought a classical rush to the head of railroad companies.But the savings disappear on transcontinental travel.