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transfertrans‧fer2 /ˈtrænsfɜː $ -fɜːr/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 a) [countable, uncountable]MOVE something OR somebodyJOB/WORK the process by which someone or something moves or is moved from one place, job etc to anothertransfer of the transfer of assets within a group of companiestransfer to Penny’s applied for a transfer to head office. electronic data transfer b) [countable]JOB/WORKMOVE something OR somebody someone or something that has been moved in this way2 transfer of power3 [countable] the act of changing from one bus, aircraft etc to another while travelling Getting there often means a couple of transfers on a bus line.4 [countable] especially British EnglishAV a drawing, pattern etc that can be stuck or printed onto a surface syn decal American English5 [countable] especially American EnglishTT a ticket that allows a passenger to change from one bus, train etc to another without paying more money
Examples from the Corpus
transferIt is important to note that government purchases and transfers have significantly different impacts upon the allocation of resources.After that - or if there are no such candidates - transfers come into operation, entailing fresh counts.Most of the bills are paid by electronic transfer.The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.a job transferThe outcome of nuclear transfer can vary a great deal, depending on which of these courses is followed.In contrast, government spending on transfer payments is primarily concerned with equity and income redistribution.The transfer of power was effected swiftly and peacefully.The transfer of corporate ownership through the sale of stock will not disrupt the continuity of the corporation.This transfer of resources has been recycled into higher investment and the stock market boom.transfer toHalfway through the first year, he transferred to Berkeley.He quickly transferred his loyalty from the old government to the new.Republicans want to transfer more power back to the states.