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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-seaterˌtwo-ˈseater noun [countable]  TTa vehicle or a piece of furniture with seats for two people a two-seater sofa
Examples from the Corpus
two-seaterThe Steyr was a single-seat hillclimb car, the J2 a competition two-seater.It still appeals as a simple, sturdy and economical two-seater, says Peter Underhill.They were too big to be fighters, even two-seaters.It's hard to imagine that the smart two-seater started out as a Triumph Herald which failed its MoT.If he fell down there he'd crash, like the two-seater.Woolley, Callaghan and Peacock scored bursts on the two-seater.The two-seater looked old and battered and slow.These machines have lower stick forces than most training two-seaters and are not generally fitted with a nose hook for aerotowing.