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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishviaductvi‧a‧duct /ˈvaɪədʌkt/ noun [countable]  TTa long high bridge, especially one with arches, that crosses a valley and has a road or railway on it
Examples from the Corpus
viaductNow one of Dirkin's friends lies dead beside a viaduct.They left the station to the south on a viaduct.The great and impregnable fortress is accessible by means of four highways built on lofty viaducts.After a few yards the sea appears once more on your left, and in the distance, a railway viaduct crossing the bay.We're at the base of a greystone railway viaduct.Now we're off along some alleys, cutting west till we reach the railway viaduct.The train is seen crossing Rumtickle viaduct near Thurgoland in October 1984.Between the viaduct and the seafront you crush the brittle flowers underfoot.