2 verb
1 [transitive always + adverb/preposition]
a) TT to push something that has wheels somewhere:
Kate wheeled her bike into the garage.
b) to move someone or something that is in or on something that has wheels:
Two nurses were wheeling him into the operating theatre.
2 [intransitive]TTABBA if birds or planes wheel, they fly around in circles
3 [intransitive] to turn around suddenly
wheel around
She wheeled around and started yelling at us.

wheel and deal

BBPP to do a lot of complicated and sometimes dishonest deals, especially in politics or business

wheel somebody/something ↔ in/out

phrasal verb
to publicly produce someone or something and use them to help you achieve something:
Then the prosecution wheeled in a surprise witness.
The government wheeled out the same old arguments to support its election campaign.

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