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wheelwheel2 ●○○ verb  1 [transitive always + adverb/preposition] a) TTPUSHto push something that has wheels somewhere Kate wheeled her bike into the garage. b) MOVE something OR somebodyto move someone or something that is in or on something that has wheels Two nurses were wheeling him into the operating theatre.see thesaurus at push2 [intransitive]TTABBA if birds or planes wheel, they fly around in circles3 [intransitive]TURN to turn around suddenlywheel around She wheeled around and started yelling at us.4 wheel and deal wheel somebody/something ↔ in/out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
wheelJust forget about anyone wheeling a linen-covered table into your room with plates, silverware, wine glasses and ice buckets.Theresa is wheeling a pushchair and trying to cope with the twins.The pigeons wheel and scuttle around us.As I arrived she was just wheeling her bicycle out of the shed.Two other buzzards wheel in on big circling paths further along, about 30m above the woods.No one said a word until the waiters wheeled in the centrepiece of the main course.I collected a trolley and wheeled it towards the frozen food section.They then wheeled me into the operating room.The seagulls wheeled off and up over the harbour.And above, the pinpricks of light wheeling on.She hated being wheeled round in a wheelchair.wheel aroundShe wheeled around and started yelling at us.