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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyieldyield1 /jiːld/ ●●○ verb  1 result [transitive]RESULT to produce a result, answer, or piece of information Our research has only recently begun to yield important results.2 crops/profits [transitive]MAKE to produce crops, profits etc Each of these oilfields could yield billions of barrels of oil. The tourist industry yielded an estimated $2.25 billion for the state last year. These investments should yield a reasonable return.high-yielding/low-yielding high-yielding cropsRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that something produces a result, a profit etc rather than yields it:Each cow produces almost 20 litres of milk a day.3 agree unwillingly [intransitive, transitive]AGREE to allow yourself to be forced or persuaded to do something or stop having something The military has promised to yield power.yield to The hijackers refuse to yield to demands to release the passengers. Further action may be necessary if the leaders do not yield to diplomatic pressure. Finally she yielded to temptation and helped herself to a large slice of cake.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say someone gives in to pressures, demands etc rather than yields to them:I very much doubt the boss will give in to her demands.4 traffic [intransitive] American EnglishTT to allow other traffic on a bigger road to go first syn give way British Englishyield to Yield to traffic on the left.5 move/bend/break [intransitive]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move, bend, or break because of physical force or pressure syn give Ideally, the surface should yield slightly under pressure.6 give up fighting [intransitive] literaryLOSE A GAME, COMPETITION, OR WAR to stop fighting and accept defeat syn surrender yield to something yield something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
yieldBonds due 2026 yield 5. 65 %.But so urgent was getting the planer working that this time Taylor yielded.A search of Mann's home yielded a pair of bloody gloves.He yielded as before, and very soon the two wicked women arrived, with their plot carefully worked out.Each of these fields could yield billions of barrels of oil.Different standards of significance will naturally yield different theories - sets of laws relating significant descriptions.Government securities have traditionally yielded less than stocks.Teaching well takes time and often yields little tangible reward.To the persistent seeker the Bible yields more and more of its riches.The military has promised to yield power after legislators draw up a new constitution.yield ... resultsBringing these out in the open and subjecting them to scrutiny and analysis will yield fruitful results.Hoomey could bloody well suffer, if it yielded results.In contemporary matters, Shoumatoff yields better results.It is also far more likely than a reactive search to yield positive results.The investigation, he concluded without surprise, yielded negative results.This hypothesis has yielded contradictory results.A frequently cited study conducted in Los Angeles yielded some interesting results concerning noise and how it disturbs sleep.This technique has yielded widely inconsistent results, however, and is now rarely performed.yield ... returnCasting wider for other presidential candidates does not yield a healthy return.Noise/horror strikes me as a limited form of self-destruction, that can only yield diminishing returns.Partly for that reason, too many projects yield poor returns.The government and housing divisions were said to have yielded the lowest returns and action is promised to boost their performance.Sport can possess the characteristic of a capital good, one that yields a return as part of a market production process.Y may be sold short and the proceeds invested in X yielding a riskless return for no investment.It yields these returns mainly by targeting and serving profitable customers.A car is highly illiquid, but yields a high return to the owner.yield toWilson refused to yield to requests to raise salaries.Yield to traffic on the right.