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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdishdish1 /dɪʃ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 dish.jpg DFUa flat container with low sides, for serving food from or cooking food inbowl a serving dish an ovenproof dishdish of a large dish of spaghetti2 the dishes3 DFFa type of food that is cooked in a particular way and served as part of a meal a wonderful pasta dish The menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. This soup is substantial enough to serve as a main dish (=the biggest part of a meal).see thesaurus at food4 something that is shaped like a dish a soap dish5 informal old-fashionedSEXY someone who is sexually attractive side dish, satellite dish
Examples from the Corpus
dishJust think of a loud noise-say, a dish breaking on the floor-that stops all the conversation in a room.Arrange 3 filled shells in each of two oval baking dishes sprayed with cooking spray.a casserole disha classic Creole dishMy favourite Italian dish is lasagne.Beneath lay a line of glum sandwiches, a Perspex dish of an unidentifiable fish meat and a mutilated leg of ham.Gumbo, rice dressings and Jambalaya are all one-pot dishes, which are perfect for feeding large numbers.We serve a variety of Thai dishes.Half fill the dishes with the salmon mixture, then place a teaspoon of caviar in the centre.Consider also the time required to heat the dish to have it safe for eating.In any case, there was always the problem of what to do with the dish.This dish can be served hot or cold.a delicious vegetable dish with a spicy nut sauceIn addition to the extensive Tandoori menu, there is a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.We talk about other eggs, other wonderful dishes we have eaten in times past.main dishMenus vary through the fortnight, and include a starter, a main dish with green salad and a sweet.The text was laid out playfully like a cookbook, with starters, sauces and main dishes.Dinner is three courses, with a choice of main dish.Today's main dish was cabbage and swede stew with dumplings.Simple salads of lettuce, tomatoes and olives may accompany most of the main dishes.For buffets and fork suppers, serve one or two main dishes with a choice of salads and nibbles.