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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgobletgob‧let /ˈɡɒblɪt $ ˈɡɑːb-/ noun [countable]  goblet.jpg DFUa cup made of glass or metal, with a base and a stem but no handle
Examples from the Corpus
gobletLike twilight to a dreamer, Like a goblet of cool water to the weary..The sugared spindles and wings of grass Are etched on great goblets.Take them from the pan with a perforated spoon and transfer them to a mortar or the liquidizer goblet.Serve chilled, in narrow goblets or white china cups, with a little cream floated on top.Sir John's temper had improved but Athelstan dreaded spending a day watching him guzzle one goblet of wine after another.Representative goblets and beakers of late sixteenth century and seventeenth century date are illustrated in Figures 3.50 and 3.51.Her hand - that firm, forceful, boy's hand of hers - lifted the goblet as they lifted theirs.D'Arcy saw the two wine goblets on the table; the empty bottle of Haut-Brion.