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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgourdgourd /ɡʊəd $ ɡɔːrd, ɡʊrd/ noun [countable]  HBPDFUa round fruit whose outer shell can be used as a container, or the container made from this fruit
Examples from the Corpus
gourdGourd artist Alice Hunter of Tavares will teach pine-needle weaving, demonstrating how to decorate rims of gourds with pine needles.He cuts up bleached gourds to be the skulls.I felt hollow, like a dried gourd, a few loose seeds shaking uselessly inside me.Q: I have made several attempts to grow gourds.In Hawaii, a large gourd is worn like a mask, inside which the voice resonates.Long gourds are the preferred form for slapping against the thighs.But what do we make of that gourd business?After harvesting, the gourd is plunged into wine must before being cut into two.