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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnapkinnap‧kin /ˈnæpkɪn/ noun [countable]  1 DFUa square piece of cloth or paper used for protecting your clothes and for cleaning your hands and lips during a meal syn serviette2 DCBMDa sanitary pad
Examples from the Corpus
napkinThey can be neatly eaten with your hands-sometimes a napkin isn't even needed!White tablecloths and black napkins rolled and tucked with white paper napkins for a tuxedo appeal can only do so much.Flora put her napkin on the table and left the room.Her napkin was of pure silk with a neatly monogrammed corner.Ralph could only ogle, though, helpless with envy, as Grover baIled up his napkin.I just took my napkin, filled it with all the coins I had won and tied the corners into a knot.Luks would shout, drinking and sketching wildly on napkins, tablecloths, menus.Thallium àlamode de Wimbledon, served in a little china pot with a spray of basil and a clean table napkin.