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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeelerpeel‧er /ˈpiːlə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  peeler.jpg DFUa special type of knife for removing the skin from fruit or vegetables
Examples from the Corpus
peelerPrices start from £1.95 for a peeler up to £11.45 for a cook's knife.Most Salagamas were casual labourers, cinnamon peelers and agriculturalists.Peel maincrop potatoes thinly, preferably using a potato peeler.Shred one medium carrot into ribbon strips with a potato peeler, repeat with one medium courgette.Not surprisingly, peeler crab is the best hookbait.Occasional codling from the Broadstairs chalk ledges of stone and Dumpton Gap to peeler crab at night.Ragworm is the principal flounder bait with the exception of May and June when peeler crab will produce.Rag, lugworm, whites, peeler crabs, whelks, shrimps, cockles and even odd razor-fish can be collected.