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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpressure cookerˈpressure ˌcooker noun [countable]  1 DFUa tightly covered cooking pot in which food is cooked very quickly by the pressure of hot steam2 a situation or place that causes anxiety or difficulties the pressure cooker of soccer management
Examples from the Corpus
pressure cookerBy the spring of 1989, more and more bills put Perry in a financial pressure cooker.Prestige's stainless steel pressure cooker with a Thermocore base allows you to produce delicious, complete meals in minutes.Normally, most beans take about 45 minutes to cook, so allow 15 minutes in the pressure cooker.Place the required amount of water and the beans or peas in the pressure cooker.But the best, most magical moment was when I made risotto with the pressure cooker.