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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaxed paperˌwaxed ˈpaper (also wax paper) noun [uncountable] American English  DFUpaper covered with a thin layer of wax, used to wrap food syn greaseproof paper British English
Examples from the Corpus
waxed paperWhereas they used to wrap food in waxed paper, now they used Tupperware.Stack the books so that they will hold the mounted waxed paper on an incline.A stop-gap method could be the use of a sheet of waxed paper under the work before gluing.Place on waxed paper, leave to cool and chill until set.Leave to dry overnight before gently bending back the waxed paper and lifting off the piped outlines with a palette knife.Seat Em the students so they can all see the waxed paper. 2.Set the waxed paper on the incline.