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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabstractab‧stract1 /ˈæbstrækt/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 REAL/NOT IMAGINARYbased on general ideas or principles rather than specific examples or real events syn theoreticalabstract idea/concept etc the ability to translate abstract ideas into words By the age of seven, children are capable of thinking in abstract terms. Human beings are the only creatures capable of abstract thought (=thinking about ideas).2 REAL/NOT IMAGINARYexisting only as an idea or quality rather than as something real that you can see or touch opp concrete the abstract nature of beauty3 abstract.jpg AVabstract paintings, designs etc consist of shapes and patterns that do not look like real people or things abstract noun
Examples from the Corpus
abstractThey begin by challenging the current opinion that all peoples share basic functions of the mind such as logical and abstract abilities.A lot of people don't like abstract art.It's an abstract design that's supposed to represent freedom and strength.The abstract graffiti of Aaron Siskind was done first by Weston.Gorbachev took the abstract idea of reform and made it a reality.You have already been allowed to enter an abstract model of Pool.Nature is the setting but abstract nature; feeling, not representation.a new exhibition of abstract paintingsThe photographs put a human face on an abstract political event.In this book, therefore, attention is concentrated on relations of the more abstract sort.But vibrant is such an abstract term that it can not be used to describe what to look for in a dough.To be understood, avoid abstract terms.By the age of about seven, children are capable of abstract thought.By about 1930 she had ceased painting, though for several more years she made small, colourful, increasingly abstract water-colours.abstract idea/concept etcIn the Introduction to the Principles, Berkeley spends a considerable time arguing against the doctrine of abstract ideas.The Bible is no academic tome with an esoteric appeal to those with scholarly minds who can handle abstract concepts.We frequently telephone asking him to illustrate some obscure or abstract concept.Words are only essential to put across more abstract concepts and intellectual ideas.As we shall see, there are problems inherent in trying to give shape to such an abstract concept as political culture.Are they planned in terms of transforming abstract ideas or theories into useful learning experiences?As she gets older; she may have difficulty comprehending abstract concepts that are communicated through what she hears.Political culture is a vague abstract concept that has been subject to various definitions.