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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcutoutcut‧out /ˈkʌtaʊt/ noun [countable]  1 AVCUTthe shape of a person, object etc that has been cut out of wood or papersilhouette2 Ta piece of equipment that stops a machine that is not working properly
Examples from the Corpus
cutoutThe flickering light from a television set is seen through a cutout in the wall.Poole brought his fist down on the alarm cutout, and the wailing ceased.Scrapbooks and bottles of paste and cutout articles of the young Dove braving gales in canoes, performing heroic acts.But the pockets are empty. even the makers' labels are cutout.Keaton and DiCaprio manage to bring several levels of emotion to their characters, but everyone else is a cardboard cutout.Shortly afterward, I was struck by the cutouts of Stan Venderbeek, an abstract filmmaker.Use a combination square to gauge the location and depth of the cutout.The cutouts were used for matching to the shoes.