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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecalde‧cal /ˈdiːkæl, ˈde- $ diːˈkæl, ˈdekəl/ noun [countable]  AV American English a piece of paper with a pattern or picture on it that you stick on a surface syn transfer British English
Examples from the Corpus
decalRental cars can no longer be singled out for attack by identifying decals or by special license plates.I was told to do this by my prior supervisor until the proper staff decals were issued.I'd like to hear more about the rationale for such decals.It seems the additional expense of producing the decals would be negligible.In addition to having the license plates properly mounted, displaying these decals on the windows is also required by law.In an age when many shops use decals or masking tape and spray paint, Olin still paints his pinstripes by hand.Penny bought a chrome-and -- white decal.