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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_069_ddimensiondi‧men‧sion /daɪˈmenʃən, də-/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 PARTa part of a situation or a quality involved in it syn aspectdimension of the moral dimension of world politicsadd a new/an extra/another etc dimension (to something) His coaching has added another dimension to my game.political/social/economic etc dimension It is important to keep in mind the historical dimension to these issues. You can have a spiritual dimension to your life without being religious.2 [usually plural] the length, height, width, depth, or diameter of something syn measurement a rectangle with the dimensions 5cm x 2cmdimension of We’ll need to know the exact dimensions of the room.3 TMAVa direction in space that is at an angle of 90 degrees to two other directions A diagram represents things in only two dimensions. fourth dimension, three-dimensional(1), two-dimensional(1)4 dimensionsCOLLOCATIONSverbsadd/give/bring a new etc dimension to somethingDigital cameras have added a new dimension to photography.have a new/social etc dimensionLearning a language has an important cultural dimension.take on a new/extra etc dimension (=develop in a way that is new or different)Since I met her, my life has taken on a completely different dimension.adjectivesa new/different dimensionThe size of the bombs gave a new dimension to the terrorists’ campaign.an extra/added/additional/further dimensionMovies soon had the added dimension of sound.a social/political/cultural dimensionHis writing has a strong political dimension.a moral/ethical dimensionThe book discusses the ethical dimension involved in genetic engineering.a spiritual dimensionHe was interested in the spiritual dimension to art.the human dimensionWhat the figures cannot show us is the human dimension of the disaster.an international dimensionThe foreign players bring an international dimension to the English Premier League.
Examples from the Corpus
dimensionBut that would upset the exciting shape United have now found, with Cantona giving them an extra attacking dimension.A further dimension is added to our understanding.The general dimensions of the issue had not changed much from those noted during the 1980s.The new art gallery is impressive, but I felt the human dimension had been lost.a revival of interest in the spiritual and moral dimensions of lifeThe arrival of the South African team has brought a new dimension to the competition.Chinatown was like its host city -- small and compressed in physical dimensions, boundless and ephemeral in spirit.The political dimensions of the incident are clear.Practically nothing is known about the race dimension to ageing with a disability.All this would have fostered among lay people awareness of a spiritual dimension to life.Bissett's difficulty lay in the time he had been allocated for his paper on the theoretical dimensions of the device.Suppose that in general, the ball is seen at a random angle in three dimensions, rather than two.The use of perspective allows us to represent three dimensions on a flat page.The plant closure could have an impact of unknown dimension on the local economy.spiritual dimensionThe solution might well be an ecumenical link, or a secular organisation where we could bring a spiritual dimension.Just as there is a material dimension there is a spiritual dimension.All this would have fostered among lay people awareness of a spiritual dimension to life.The links between the spiritual dimension and religion are in fact close.People can immerse themselves in the spiritual dimension without being religious at all.The same may be said of the renewed attention to the spiritual dimension of life.What happens when the spiritual dimension is recognised in treatment and rehabilitation?The spiritual dimension in creative effort comes from that honest pursuit.