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exhibitexhibit2 ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  1 AVSHOW/LET somebody SEE somethingsomething, for example a painting, that is put in a public place so that people can go to see it The exhibits date from the 17th century.2 SCTan object that is shown in court to prove whether someone is guilty or not Exhibit A is the hammer found next to the victim.3 x-ref American English an exhibition a big exhibit in Milan
Examples from the Corpus
exhibitOf the 160 exhibits assembled for the London show, one-third have been lent from the Hermitage collection.Exhibit A is the bloody glove.All exhibits are listed in the catalogue.An exhibit of seven altars created by Bay Area artists and community groups. $ 3 to $ 5.But among the loveliest exhibits was a two-inch by three-inch Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis.The children's museum has several hands-on exhibits.Alas, most of our exhibits aren't in anything like such a good state of repair.The Tubac Center of the Arts features museum-quality exhibits.a new sculpture exhibit at the museumThe exhibit is free, as is parking.The exhibit ends with architectural elements, coins and a kneeling stable figure.