Date: 1400-1500
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: galeria, perhaps from galilaea 'small room for praying in inside a church', probably from Galilaea 'Galilee', area in Palestine where Christ traveled and taught


gal‧le‧ry W3 plural galleries [countable]
a) AVP a large building where people can see famous pieces of art:
an exhibition of African art at the Hayward Gallery
details of museums and art galleries in the city
b) AV a small privately owned shop or studio where you can see and buy pieces of art
a) TBBAP an upper floor or balcony built on an inner wall of a hall, theatre, or church, from which people can watch a performance, discussion etc:
the public gallery in Congress
in the gallery
We could only afford seats up in the gallery.

the gallery

AP the people sitting in a gallery

play to the gallery

to do or say something just because you think it will please people and make you popular
4TPGHE a level passage under the ground in a mine or cave

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