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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlife-sizeˈlife-size (also life-sized) adjective  AVa picture or model of something or someone that is life-size is the same size as they really are a life-sized statue of the president
Examples from the Corpus
life-sizea life-sized statue of ElvisThe gods under the apex of each gable are some ten feet high, and all the figures well over life-size.The metopes are about five feet wide and only a little higher, so the relief-figures are under life-size.I also have a life-size cardboard cut-out of our former no.4.The castings are mainly life-size heads.He grabbed her collar, dragging her clear and across the mud like a life-size rag doll.Full-scale life-size reconstructions give visitors the best idea of what the site was like in the past, however.To boost his stardom, the Lottery Commission sent thousands of life-size Scratchman cutouts to stores across the state.In one corner was a strange life-size wooden cut-out of a black boy holding a tray.