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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodelmod‧el1 /ˈmɒdl $ ˈmɑːdl/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  1 model_boat.jpg small copyCOPY a small copy of a building, vehicle, machine etc, especially one that can be put together from separate partsmodel of They showed us a model of the building. a working model (=one with parts which move) of a steam engine2 fashionDCBO someone whose job is to show clothes, hairstyles etc by wearing them at fashion shows or for photographs a top fashion model a male model3 type of car etcTYPE a particular type or design of a vehicle or machine Renault are introducing three new models at the show. Our dishwasher is the latest model (=newest design). the 2.8 litre V6 model4 descriptionDESCRIBE a computer representation or scientific description of somethingmodel of Scientists are building computer models of the ocean currents.5 somebody/something to copyIMITATE someone or something which people want to copy because they are successful or have good qualitiesmodel for It served as a model for other cities. He used English medieval architecture as his model.role model (=someone that you try to copy because they have qualities you would like to have) Good teachers can act as positive role models. 6 model of efficiency/virtue etc7 artAVBO someone who is employed by an artist or photographer to be painted or photographed
Examples from the Corpus
modelDarwin himself saw disease as a model of change.White's team made a model of the new ballpark to show the public.As children build models they learn about design and construction.We also have a deluxe model for $125.The wealthy girl had every model of Ginny doll and steamer trunks full of clothes for them.Do women really want to look like fashion models?Full client participation is essential to ensure accuracy when compiling the information model.Two more models are going up by Wilshire Homes of Austin.Ford Motor Co. will offer new features and new models this year.There was a shelf in his bedroom full of model planes.We produce a range of different computers, but this is our most popular model.Civil society is a classical economist's model of the free market.Seven of their 1:20 scale models have been chosen for exhibition and two have been combined to provide the full-scale installation.The 1957 photo shows him holding a scale model of an ocean liner he built entirely by hand.The example of the development of today's plate tectonic model of the Earth follows this pattern.Page three models and married rubber fetishists, with a slave on the side, flickered before our very astonished eyes."What make is the car?" "It's a Ford." "And what model?" "An Escort 1.8L."model ofAs a politician, she was a model of integrity and decency.He has a shelf full of models of airplanes that never got built.latest modelNo sooner does the latest model take its place in the market, than it is superseded by another development.It was a happy debut for the latest model to drop off the fast-bowling conveyor belt.Remember, you can at any time exchange our equipment for the latest models as soon as they become available.For on the latest models, try the computer press and like Stuff and T3.The latest model of the minivan went into production last year.The latest model on the market.So what is this latest model?role modelBanneker can be a role model for them.At my age I should probably be a role model to a few others.He is a role model of a gentleman and of how contentment can be found in being a gentleman.Brando's a role model for everybody in the business.But most men do not choose their fathers as role models as they move away from their families and into the world.Fonda, Hopper and especially Nicholson were used as role models for many future films, and thus it broke new ground.He's a wonderfully kind man and an excellent role model for the children.Our new role model, Hildamay, isn't selfish: more a regular girl guide.There aren't enough positive role models for young people today, especially for minority groups.Mary Martin no doubt offered a strong role model.