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nudenude2 noun  1 [countable]NAKED a painting, statue etc of someone not wearing clothes2 in the nude
Examples from the Corpus
nudea nude by PicassoEveryone else in the class is working on a reclining female nude.In this chapter we examine how the female nude became a crucial element in the formation of art designated modern.Chapter 4 considers why the female nude played so prominent a part in the making of modern art practice.They were really the first nudes that he had done since Jane Birkin posed topless in the Sixties.To be honest, I prefer his flower pictures to his nudes.The greatest obscenities, to be sure, were photographs of nudes.Many of them are reminiscent of Modigliani's nudes.The simultaneous presentation continued, two writhing nudes on the stage, two thrashing nudes on the screen.