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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpastelpas‧tel1 /ˈpæstl $ pæˈstel/ noun  1 a) [countable, uncountable]AV a small coloured stick for drawing pictures with, made of a substance like chalk b) [countable]AV a picture drawn with pastels2 [countable usually plural]CC a light colour such as pale blue or pink a room beautifully furnished in soft pastels
Examples from the Corpus
pastelOf these, Guitar has the largest range with 60 pastels.a pastel portraitWhite, cream, and pastels suit me better than dark colours.The undulations in Rough or Not paper allow the dusty pastel more surface area to grip to.Hey, there are even pastels like peach and lilac this season, so nobody has to be a wallflower.The area becomes a study in pastels.For the first time, she did not show sculpture, just pastels and watercolors.When he discovered oil pastels however, there was no turning back.The acid-sweet pastels of 1950s' food photography come to mind.Graphic animal prints usually work better with strong colors than pastels.