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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperspectiveper‧spec‧tive /pəˈspektɪv $ pər-/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 [countable]THINK ABOUT a way of thinking about something, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiencesviewpointperspective on His father’s death gave him a whole new perspective on life.from somebody’s perspective The novel is written from a child’s perspective.from a feminist/Christian/global etc perspective We have to look at everything from an international perspective. a much-needed historical perspectivewider/broader perspective Our work in Uganda and Romania adds a wider perspective.2 [uncountable]SENSIBLE a sensible way of judging and comparing situations so that you do not imagine that something is more serious than it really is I think Viv’s lost all sense of perspective. The figures have to be put into perspective.get/keep something in perspective (=judge the importance of something correctly)3 [uncountable]AVP a method of drawing a picture that makes objects look solid and shows distance and depth, or the effect this method produces in a picture the artist’s use of perspective4 [countable]SEE formal a view, especially one in which you can see a long way into the distanceCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a way of thinking about something, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiencesADJECTIVES/NOUN + perspectivea new/different perspectiveI like the programme because it gives you a different perspective on world news.a fresh perspective (=new and interesting or useful)The venture will benefit from their fresh perspective.a wider/broader perspectiveSearching through a variety of sources will give them a wider perspective on their subject.a historical perspectiveIt is important to have a historical perspective when considering these changes.a global/international perspectiveA global perspective allows firms to spot opportunities and reduce supply costs.a feminist perspectiveIf you look at this from a feminist perspective, things are, in fact, not equal.a female perspectiveCarson's lyrics are definitely written from the human experience, but from a female perspective.a Marxist perspectiveFrom a Marxist perspective, crime is largely the product of capitalism.a Christian perspectiveWe approach the problem from a Christian perspective.a business perspectiveI think it was a good thing to do, from a business perspective.the American/Russian/French etc perspectiveFrom the French perspective, therefore, 1934 marks a major turning point.verbshave a perspectiveEveryone seems to have a different perspective on the issue.see/view something from a perspectiveA child can only see see the world from his or her own perspective.give (somebody) a perspectiveA break might give her a better perspective on things.provide a perspectiveTheir research is concerned with providing an alternative perspective on our past.offer a perspectiveBamford offers a fresh perspective on this ongoing historical debate.get a perspectiveWhen you get to my age, you get a different perspective on life.put a perspective on somethingThis new evidence put a whole new perspective on the case. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a sensible way of judging and comparing situations so that you do not imagine that something is more serious than it really isverbslose perspectivePeople sometimes lose perspective on what is really important in life.put something into/in perspective (=consider something in a sensible way by comparing it with something else, or to help you do this)Let's put this data into perspective.I saw their suffering, and it really put my own problems into perspective.get/see something in perspective (=judge the importance of something correctly by considering it in relation to other things)You’ve got to take a wider view and get things in perspective.keep something in perspectiveI hope we can all keep this issue in perspective.phrasesa sense of perspectiveI felt I needed a break from the relationship in order to keep a sense of perspective.
Examples from the Corpus
perspectiveA prisoner has a different perspective on prison life than a guard.Different people bring different perspectives and values to the workplace.Finally, does the traditional definition of deviance make sense from a female perspective?You believe him, but you've only heard his perspective.Feminists say that the book was written from a male perspective.This has led to a generally narrow perspective where resistance to information systems is dismissed as unreasonable.Giotto's use of perspectiveThese assumptions require some reconsideration as a starting point for the development of the postclassical perspective.From B's perspective of obtaining his freedom the unresolved issues were equally fundamental to the point addressed.This chapter is an account of the process and is an attempt to see it from the family's perspective.So let us look at 1993 realistically, but also from the perspective of our commitment to authentic communication.From this perspective we can see a direct contrast with the normativist style.From this perspective, the witch-doctor is clearly on the side of the angels and his business is highly legitimate.perspective onStudents have a unique perspective on matters of school policy.put into perspectiveMarina berth charges need to be put into perspective.Though these figures shock, they need to be put into perspective.She said her own worries had been put into perspective by a visit shortly before his death of Lord Cheshire.A few comments on this background study will show how the legends are being put into perspective.But meanwhile, let us at least try to put into perspective the few clues we have.