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picturepicture2 ●●○ verb [transitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 IMAGINEto imagine something by making an image in your mind πŸ”Š Tom, picturing the scene, smiled.picture somebody/something as something πŸ”Š Rob had pictured her as serious, but she wasn’t like that.picture somebody doing something πŸ”Š I can’t picture him skiing. He’s so clumsy!picture what/how πŸ”Š Picture what it would be like after a nuclear attack.β–Ί see thesaurus at imagine2 AVPICTUREto show someone or something in a photograph, painting, or drawing πŸ”Š She is pictured with her mum Christine and sister Kelly. Grammar Picture is usually passive in this meaning.3 DESCRIBEto describe something in a particular waybe pictured as something πŸ”Š She’s been pictured as a difficult, demanding woman. Grammar Picture is usually passive in this meaning.β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pictureβ€’ Whichever, it seems that Arsenio isn't quite the sort of cultural diplomat I had optimistically pictured.β€’ Both pictured a glamorous brunette, at least a dozen years older than herself.β€’ When a child learns to picture and verbalize his feelings, he has the opportunity to reason and make intelligent choices.β€’ They have been pictured as the ultimate wealth of the community.β€’ I can still picture her lovely brown eyes.β€’ I pictured her trying to eke out her money - for I was sure there was not much.β€’ I had never met Graham but I pictured him as a pale, thin young man wearing glasses.β€’ He wrote that it was not as he had pictured it as the weather was bitterly cold and wet with some snow.β€’ Can you picture it? Lying in the sun, sipping cocktails -- it would be paradise!β€’ I pictured myself picking at least three hundred pounds a day and took the job.β€’ It is frighteningly easy to picture our children bald-gummed, big-headed as the babies they sprang out of.β€’ Miguel could still picture the children laughing and joking, and chasing each other around the garden.picture somebody/something as somethingβ€’ I can't picture Jay as a ballet dancer.be pictured as somethingβ€’ Both the Minoan Goddess and Artemis were pictured as bees.β€’ He is pictured as going down into the deep which now is a symbol of judgment.β€’ Faith is pictured as the absence of doubt and the man of faith as the man with no doubts.β€’ They are pictured as virtually irredeemable, lazy, dependent, living off the hard-earned money of others.