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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrestrainedre‧strained /rɪˈstreɪnd/ adjective  1 CONTROLbehaviour that is restrained is calm and controlled a restrained and cool-headed response to their criticisms2 AVCCnot too brightly coloured or decorated The interior decoration is quite restrained.
Examples from the Corpus
restrainedDid that make its currency, economy, inflation rate or fiscal policy more restrained and more problematic?In contrast with the restrained, clipped hautecouture shots of the Fifties, Bailey's pictures generated boldness, brashness, sexuality.The room was painted in light, restrained colors.There is brash capitalism on show, which is unusual in such a restrained, discreet society.The official response was restrained, even though strikes were technically outlawed by security legislation passed in 1979.Ernest Newton was a quiet and restrained product of the artistic circle within which he worked.She replied in a low, restrained voice.None the less, sales promotion was, in the early years of shortages, pursued in a restrained way.