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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvisual artsˌvisual ˈarts noun [plural]  AVart such as painting, sculpture etc that you look at, as opposed to literature or music
Examples from the Corpus
visual artsDespite her irritating affectations, she did have a genuine flair for divining quality in both literature and the visual arts.What Albers did for Black Mountain as a community emphasizing the visual arts, Olson did for it as a literary community.Last year was the first real attempt to recognise the new energy around in the visual arts.Lehmann also had an active interest in the visual arts, and in particular promoted the neo-romantics.Involvement in the visual arts is one way in for many young people today.But what about the state of the visual arts in the home of David Cox and Edward Burne-Jones?He also argues that, in its turn, the Scientific Revolution had some effect on the visual arts.Indeed, the portrait must be considered one of the outstanding Roman contributions to the visual arts.