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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoodcutwood‧cut /ˈwʊdkʌt/ noun [countable]  AVa picture made by pressing a shaped piece of wood and a colouring substance onto paper
Examples from the Corpus
woodcutThis is an enlargement from an original fifteenth-century woodcut.This group of woodcut prints foreshadows the horrors that were to come.His tailpiece, most aptly, is Eric Gill's woodcut of an infantryman trudging along his Via Dolorosa.They show slight variations, for example in the woodcut decorations.It conveys a good impression of the stylistic diversity of the woodcut as a medium, from Expressionism to today.Shadows merge into the snow; the woodcut turns into a shadowy chalk drawing.The woodcuts are only a few inches square, and defy the artists' desire for detail and extravagance.They need contrast, which brings them back to the black-and-white woodcuts of some one like Escher.