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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishballotbal‧lot1 /ˈbælət/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]PPVVOTE/ELECT a system of voting, usually in secret, or an occasion when you vote in this way The party leader is elected by secret ballot. Workers at the plant held a ballot and rejected strike action.see thesaurus at election2 [countable]PPVVOTE/ELECT a piece of paper on which you make a secret vote syn ballot paper Only 22% of voters cast their ballots.3 the ballot
Examples from the Corpus
ballotHe was elected by a ballot of all the teaching staff in the college.It was decided to hold a ballot of all party members.With the new dynamic of California politics, getting any ballot measure passed with just Anglo votes is fast becoming impossible.Theyaccount for nearly one-fifth of the electorate, and will cast the deciding ballots in many constituencies.November's general election ballotFor the first ballot each voter will indicate one choice from the candidates listed. 12.Calday Grange Grammar School also faced a second ballot over opting out after it applied for grant-maintained status last year.Under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, elections are by secret ballot.Voting will be by secret ballot.The result of the ballot showed that nurses were not in favour or a strike.The voters are capable of taking a long range outlook when they consider initiatives on the ballot.Of the 34 seats on the ballot Tuesday, 19 were held by Republicans and 15 by Democrats.They equally fear losing power through the ballot box.secret ballotWorkers at the Washwood Heath factory voted not to stage industrial action by 761 to 615 in a secret ballot.Gorbachev's re-election as general secretary Gorbachev was re-elected general secretary on July 10 by secret ballot.Under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, elections are by secret ballot.The elections are by secret ballot, and an absolute majority is required.An election by secret ballot shall be held. 3.The President would be elected on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot for a five-year term.The secret ballot gave these students their first free opportunity to express opposition.On Oct. 27 the central committee proposed that multi-candidate elections with secret ballots be obligatory.cast ... ballotsIts voters first cast ballots by mail on a state housing initiative in 1993.The majority of eligible voters said they would rather not cast ballots, leading to the worst percentage voter turnout since 1924.Of more than 1,300 people registered by Hermandad last year, nearly 800 reportedly cast ballots Nov. 5.Just four Republicans cast ballots for some one other than Gingrich, six short of the number needed to block his selection.He praised the smooth running of the election, and denied reports that people had been forced to cast their ballots.But the only real problem was controlling the crowds of voters pressing forward to cast their ballots.Some middle-class voters have supported the Labour Party and about one-third of working-class voters have traditionally cast their ballots for Conservative candidates.Theyaccount for nearly one-fifth of the electorate, and will cast the deciding ballots in many constituencies.