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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelectoratee‧lec‧to‧rate /ɪˈlektərət/ ●○○ noun [singular]  PPVPGCall the people in a country who have the right to vote A majority of the electorate oppose the law.
Examples from the Corpus
electorateHence the relationship between members of the Congress and their local electorate is much less affected by national party considerations.Nor will it do so in countries where genuine political democracy is firmly established and the electorate will no longer support the objectives.All referendums so far have failed to reach the required majority, although more than half the electorate voted in favour.He has been accused of misleading the electorate.But 26m voters, or 69 % of the electorate, abstained.Low rents are seen as a form of bribery of the electorate.Research has shown that thirty percent of the electorate have still not decided how they will vote.Seventy-two percent of the electorate decided to voice an opinion.The electorate of the capital, Titograd, also voted to reinstate the city's old name of Podgorica.