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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotionmo‧tion1 /ˈməʊʃən $ ˈmoʊ-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 movement [uncountable]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION the process of moving or the way that someone or something movesmotion of the motion of the planets The rocking motion of the boat made Sylvia feel sick. Newton’s first law of motion2 moving your head or hand [countable]SIGN/GESTURE a single movement of your head or hand, especially one made in order to communicate something syn gesturemotion of He summoned the waiter with a motion of his hand. Doyle glanced back at Bodie, and made a slight motion with his head.3 suggestion at a meeting [countable]PPVSUGGEST a proposal that is made formally at a meeting, and then is usually decided on by voting The motion was defeated by 201 votes to 159.motion to do something/motion that We will now vote on the motion that membership charges should rise by 15%.pass/carry/approve a motion (=accept it by voting) The motion was carried unanimously. I urge you to support this motion.propose/put forward/table a motion (=make a proposal) I’d like to propose a motion to move the weekly meetings to Thursdays. The motion was seconded (=formally supported) by Mr Levin. The attorneys filed a motion (=made a proposal in a court) for a temporary restraining order.4 in motion5 set/put something in motion6 go through the motions (of doing something)7 body waste [countable]HBHMN solid waste material that comes out when you empty your bowels – used especially by doctors and nurses slow motion, time and motion study
Examples from the Corpus
motionAll motion is of course relative.For any exercise with a bending motion, the knees must be slightly bent.Its motion can be detected - for example, by deflecting a laser beam that bounces off a mirror attached to the needle.I look forward to smoother graphs of pendulum motion!the gentle rolling motion of the shipOlder men and women are running motion offense drills, practicing low post moves.Immediately after the motion was read on the floor, it was tabled by a near-party line vote.Slow at first, the motion gathered speed until it was too dazzling for the eye to follow.It takes a day at least for me to become accustomed to the motion of the ship.a smooth throwing motionGeometry, then, is concerned with the production of figures by various motions.pass/carry/approve a motionYou lose weight, you feel very weak, and pass motions up to 10 times a day.Once this is well established the sticker is only awarded for passing a motion into the lavatory.At that time there was a widespread practice of holding the child over a newspaper for passing a motion.Bowel training showed less social class difference possibly because there are clearer anticipating signs of passing a motion.Later the child is encouraged to pass motions while in the bathroom or lavatory.Luke, a 4-year-old boy, would sit on his heels in order not to pass a motion.He refused to pass motions in the toilet and had phases of extreme stomach-ache and lethargy due to his extreme constipation.