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recountre‧count2 /ˈriːkaʊnt/ noun [countable]  PPVa second count of votes that happens in an election because the result was very closerecount /riːˈkaʊnt/ verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
recountWilder narrowly defeated his Republican opponent in November 1989, his 6,700-vote victory being confirmed only after a recount.Opponents demanded a recount.In a press conference, Bush supporters used the strongest language so far to impugn the legitimacy of the continued Florida recounts.A hand recount across Florida, he said, might be acceptable.Democrats say the errors suggest a manual recount would show that Gore won Florida.Al Gore successfully sought recounts in the four counties most favourable to him.I am still trying to get them to do the recount.But what if the recount in Florida does go Gore's way?The swing to Gore in the recounts in Broward and hapless Palm Beach counties helped cement the party too.