Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: resolvere 'to unloose', from solvere; SOLVE


1 verb
re‧solve1 W3 [transitive]
1 to find a satisfactory way of dealing with a problem or difficulty [= solve; ↪ settle]
resolve a dispute/conflict/problem etc
The crisis was resolved by negotiations.
Barnet was desperate for money to resolve his financial problems.
2 formal to make a definite decision to do something
resolve to do something
After the divorce she resolved never to marry again.
resolve that
Mary resolved that she would stop smoking.
3PPV to make a formal decision, especially by voting
resolve to do something
The Senate resolved to accept the President's proposals.
4H technical to separate something into its different parts:
DNA samples were extracted and resolved.

resolve (something) into something

phrasal verb
1 technicalHC to separate into parts, or to separate something:
This mixture will resolve into two separate compounds.

resolve (itself) into something

formal to gradually change into something else [= become]:
The argument resolved itself into an uneasy truce.

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