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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrigrig1 /rɪɡ/ verb (rigged, rigging) [transitive]  1 PPVCHEATto dishonestly arrange the result of an election or competition before it happens syn fix Some international observers have claimed the election was rigged.2 if people rig prices or rig financial markets, they unfairly agree with each other the prices that will be charged syn fix, → cartel Two of the largest oil companies have been accused of rigging prices. Some investors feel that the market is rigged.3 TTWto put ropes, sails etc on a ship The ship was fully rigged and ready to sail. Grammar Rig is usually passive in this meaning. rig somebody ↔ out rig something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
riga fully-rigged vesselMany Labour Party members believed that the ballot to elect a mayoral candidate was rigged.Many of the game shows of the 1950s turned out to be rigged.The senator resigned after accusations that the vote had been rigged.They would never have got into power if the whole thing hadn't been rigged.All major opposition parties boycotted local elections in November 1990 because they believed that the results would be rigged.Exasperated, Emma went herself one evening to the spot where Collymore rigged his scales on the limb of a sea grape.From what she could see, he was showing the children how to rig the boats.Lou had a buzzer rigged up beside his bed so he could call his wife.And see if you can rig up something forward-firing.Attached to the sack was a length of pennant rigging, which he left adrift within reach of the opening chute.The sail should be rigged with the minimum amount of mast showing at deck level.