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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshow of handsˌshow of ˈhands noun [singular]  PPVVOTE/ELECTa vote taken by counting the raised hands of the people at a meeting The dispute was settled with a show of hands.
Examples from the Corpus
show of handsThe citizens present decided by a show of hands what should be done.But after the vote on Mr Craxi, parliamentary leaders agreed to take all such decisions by a show of hands.Votes are taken anonymously, as is the continental tradition, by a show of hands.Let's have a show of hands.Have a show of hands of those who think you can do it.Instead of a show of hands, we have electronic polls.Democrats choose with a show of hands, a sign-in sheet or dividing into groups for each candidate.The voting shall be by show of hands, or otherwise as the Executive Committee may determine. 9.