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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvote of no confidenceˌvote of no ˈconfidence noun (plural votes of no confidence) [countable]  1 PPVAGAINST/OPPOSEa formal process in which people vote in order to show that they do not support someone or something, especially the governmentvote of no confidence in On April 22 the National Assembly passed a vote of no confidence in the government.2 AGAINST/OPPOSEsomething that you do or say that shows that you do not support someone
Examples from the Corpus
vote of no confidenceHe was ousted after losing a vote of no confidence in the federal assembly.Mr Trimble could face a leadership contest or a vote of no confidence at the party's annual general meeting next week.At the beginning of November 1989 Namaliu survived what was becoming the regular six-monthly vote of no confidence.Happily, before the vote of no confidence, parliament set it right by passing a new electoral law.The vote of no confidence was a final humiliation for a government that had been clinging to office.