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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-paidˌlow-ˈpaid adjective  BEWproviding or earning only a small amount of money As part-time, low-paid workers, the women earned very little.
Examples from the Corpus
low-paidThey depend on larger companies for a market niche, and often provide low-paid and insecure jobs.Most low-paid jobs are part-time or temporary.Veterans who returned to low-paid jobs without occupational pension schemes now depend upon the state retirement pension.a low-paid mechanicSorting rubbish is still done largely by hand, often by low-paid or immigrant labour, and is filthy and dangerous work.The jobs centre seems to list only low-paid temporary jobs.Rate for the job Brighter prospects for low-paid women workers.But the company did not want the hassle - or embarrassment - of dealing direct with its own low-paid work force.But as part-time, low-paid workers, the women earned very little.Moreover, this welfare-only approach ignores the opinions of low-paid workers themselves.low-paid workers